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My fashionable “green roof” arbor has been miniaturized and moved to a fewer lofty, but greater location in my backyard. Hope I can however get along with the concept’s most ardent followers.

As with most new suggestions, back garden developments usually switch out to be properly-worn previous practices basically repackaged with fancy names and shrill promotors whose textbooks and lectures are padded with needlessly challenging approaches. Most, in their most functional simple types, have been all over for hundreds of yrs.

I’m considering permaculture, biodynamic gardening, hügelkultur or decaying woodpile gardening, forest food stuff gardening, lasagna gardening, aquaculture, meadow lawns, sq. foot gardening, composting, pollinator/herb/native/wildlife/lifted mattress/regardless of what gardens, cottage gardening, recycled containers, and most natural and organic gardening.

Really do not get me incorrect, they are all successful, earth-friendly sustainable, and exciting. I basically exercise every single one particular of people garden methods, just, by modifying the concepts to suit my wants and puttering level of passions, without hewing to a good deal of gussied-up procedures.

For illustration, alternatively of a advanced compost method, I basically have a neat leaf pile onto which I throw leaves, weeds, used back garden crops, and kitchen scraps, then dig out every time I have to have things to add to my backyard garden soil. Regardless of what isn’t ready for use gets run again via.

My most current too-complex debacle was a backyard-scale “green roof” try. In a nod to historical sod- and moss-included residences, architect mates helped me style a tall, porch-like backyard garden entry with a deep rim for holding lightweight soil. I planted a lot of low-increasing and cascading stuff capable to tolerate winter freezes and summer time warmth and drought: Liriope, decorative sweet potato, Powis Castle artemisia, trailing rosemary, daffodils and purple spider lilies that only require water in the winter season, and seasonal flowers that increase effectively without a ton of watering.

And it seemed and labored great. For a whilst. Then I noticed that most of it could not be found from the floor and located myself laddering up two or 3 periods a year to pull crabgrass, pigweed, hackberry tree seedlings, and almost everything else blown by the wind or dropped by birds. In quick, it grew to become a significant lifted bed backyard that I couldn’t seriously enjoy.

Turns out, most of the alluring journal content on eco-friendly roofs are published by people who really don’t yard in the South, and their suggested plants, mainly succulents and grasses far better suited for drier, milder climates, tend to burn up up in our summertime sunlight and high humidity. Confident, I’ve observed some wonderful kinds in Mississippi but the most effective are either shaded and topped with moss and ferns, or raggedy experimental kinds, or on a regular basis-primped advantage-signaling showpieces.

So, the environmentally friendly roof arbor was a lot more a exciting idea than a useful job. I ended up getting rid of the flat best, keeping the iron beam posts and cross joists to aid a collection of protected-wagon style hoops on which I properly trained shade vines. The new entry arbor is now an all-year tangle of yellow jessamine, crossvine, fragrant accomplice jasmine, climbing roses, maypop, and gourds. With a chandelier.

But I held the thought likely. Moved the soil and the best of the remaining vegetation to a chest-large stand I constructed to cover and conceal my trashcans. It’s basically a extensive window box or compact elevated raised mattress of colorful spreading sedums, violets, clump-forming dwarf agaves, striped Liriope, iris, dusty miller, wintertime pansies, and a couple of gnomes.  Requires pretty tiny weeding and watering, and straightforward to enjoy as I go it each and every day.

If I experienced pet dogs, their property would be coated the very same way. But my environmentally friendly roof is now just a planter atop anything else. Can I nonetheless be in the club?


Felder Dashing is a Mississippi writer, columnist, and host of the “Gestalt Gardener” on MPB Imagine Radio. E-mail gardening queries to

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