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Natural Fertilizer – Crap That Can Kill You

Worried about harvesting pathogens in your garden? You’re not alone. Serious concern has been brought to the attention of gardeners and farmers in regards to the possibility of lurking pathogens hiding about. One way that harmful pathogens may be introduced to your garden is through the application of raw manure or slurry (sewage).

Maximum Strawberries in Minimum Time

In order to grow healthy and wholly natural strawberries, an enthusiastic gardener needs to follow a few basic rules when planting them. First of all, you need to understand the characteristics of the particular type of strawberry that you choose to plant. There are three main types that are used in home gardening today.

Garden Pest Control – Tthe Two Sides of the Coin For Effective Pest Management

The essence of effective pests control is to do two things that seemingly contradict each other. One is to be constantly on the ball, and the other to try to do as little as possible!

Water Features – Attracting Wildlife to Your Garden

Did you know that you can attract wildlife using a water feature in your garden? It’s easy when you have the right things in place. Animals need food, water, and shelter and when you provide those things you’ll have your own wildlife sanctuary.

Alstroemeria – What’s in a Name?

For Alstroemeria lovers, who wish to grow it at their homes, they will have to use large containers or pots owing to its rhizomatous roots. Nevertheless, they can plant them in their lawns too but with care, as the vulnerable roots can easily blemish all your effort. Give them sunlight and quench them well with water and they will remain ever smiling. As for fragrance, believe it or not, its enchanting loveliness and splendor will not let your mind swerve that way!

Do You Compost? Two Reasons You Should!

Composting is a way for people everywhere to take responsibility for their yard and kitchen waste. A 2006 survey by Statistics Canada showed that 98 percent of the residents of Prince Edward Island compost, followed closely by Nova Scotia with 95 percent. So, are you ready to compost now?

Be a Smart Gardener – Grow Organic!

Anyone can plant an organic garden whether the purpose is for food, for satisfaction, for sale or to help battle global warming. Notice, I didn’t say you needed to be an organic farmer to recapture carbon from the atmosphere. It seemingly begins with the soil.

Apartment Dwellers You Can Have a Vegetable Garden

For the first week the poor plants just sagged there like a chicken would hang after slaughter. By the second week I knew they were out of shock because all of them were trying to perk up their heads towards the sunlight. By the third week they had kicked in and were growing like crazy.

Planting Vegetables Through All the Seasons

Growing vegetables isn’t limited to just a single season of the year. Find out how you can grow them through all the seasons.

Three Types of Orchid Pots

There are three common types of orchid pots. They include plastic, terracotta, and basket. The best type of pot for you depends on the potting mix, type of orchid, and location that you’re growing the plant.

Three Common Orchid Diseases

There are many common orchid diseases that can cause serious harm to your beautiful plant. You should check your orchids once a week so that you will notice any problems early. Let’s take a look at some of the most common orchid diseases.

Combining Organic & Inorganic Methods in the Garden

If you are gardening organically, that doesn’t mean you have to completely ignore inorganic methods. Find out how you can combine the two successfully.

Growing Your Own Food – Long Term Advantages

Growing your own food has become less of a hobby and more of a necessity. Food prices are rising and will continue to rise. Growing and preserving your own food can help insulate your family against some of the price increases. In the event of a natural disaster or food shortage emergency, having your own supply of food will give you peace of mind.

Is Your Lawn and Garden Slowly Killing You and Your Pets?

Lawns look better when they are green and lush. Gardens produce better when they are growing good. One reason your lawn might not look as green as it could or your garden isn’t producing as well as it should are the insects and bugs that are infesting them.

Natural Fertilizer’s Microb Machines

The soil of your garden contains countless numbers of organisms so small that it would take a microscope to even get a peek at them. These tiny creatures are known as microorganisms, or more commonly in gardening, as microbes. Microbes are essential to a garden and to healthy plant growth because of their ability to decompose organic material within the soil. They enrich the soil with nutrients, supplying each succeeding generation of plants. This type of decay doesn’t come about as a result of using chemical fertilizers, but rather is essentially a natural cycle within the soil.

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