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How To Care For Your Winter Garden

It is that time of year again folks winter is just around the corner, are you and your garden prepared for it. One or two tips to help you out with preparing the garden, for the long winter months.

What is the Consequences of Fertilizer on Plants

Fertilizers are created to supplement the nutrients already existing in your soil to form a comprehensive menu for your plants. Excessive fertilizer can harm roots, and the extra can arrive at your local stream, contributing to water pollution troubles. Here we will try to answer the popular question of “what is the effect of fertilizer on plants?” The definition of fertilizer is: any substance such as manure or a mixture of nitrates used to make soil in the lawn or garden more fertile.

Planter Boxes – An Amazing Way to Garden

A unique look in a back yard is comprised of more than a couple of pretty plants. It takes creativity. Think of a sitting garden. There are places to walk, places to sit, unique plants and defining portions of the garden that will draw your attention. You could do this by creating a garden maze.

Perennial Flowers for Spring Color – Which Perennial Flowers Should You Choose?

After the long winter, it is always wonderful to see some spring colour in the garden and perennial flowers are ideal for this. Unless the days are really warm, not a great deal of time will be spent outside, so it is a good idea, to plant some perennial flowers, where they will be seen from the window. Under a tree, or beside a path, will look particularly lovely.

True Gardeners – Learn How To Spot Them

Chances are you know someone who has a garden. It might be small or big, used to grow vegetables or flowers, a simple patch of dirt or an elaborate garden with retaining walls and statues. But how do you know if a person really loves to garden? Here are some clues that a person truly loves gardening.

The Beauty Of Perennial Flowers – Why Grow Perennial Flowers In Your Garden

For anyone who wants plants which flower and look beautiful for a number of years, perennial flowers are most definitely the answer. Unlike annuals, which live and bloom for only one season, perennial flowers, will continue to give pleasure for a very long time.

Memory Gardens Blooming White

The color white feels so right when designing a garden for a baby angel. Whether your baby passed early in pregnancy or as an infant, a garden of beauty can be created to honor little angels gone too soon.

Some Gardening Tips for the Interested Gardener

Gardening tips aren’t always in abundant supply but these are just a few of the gardening tips that may turn your garden into a replica of Eden. Some of these tips can be examined in order to understand the nature of gardening better and to see what you can benefit from.

How to Grow an Olive Tree in a Container

Olive trees add Mediterranean flair to any abode. You don’t need to live in Southern Europe or California to enjoy the leathery, gray-green leaves of an olive tree. Neither do you need to own a garden for olive trees can be grown on balconies or indoors quite easily.

Herbs Have More Uses Than Dinner

Herbs aren’t just for dinner. Put your herb garden to another use.

Herbal Potpourri

They say that potpourri is to an herb lover what cooking is to the gourmet. Potpourri is easy to make and the scent can last a long time. The aroma of your own personal potpourri creation will trigger memories for a lifetime.

Garden Design – Plants That Look Good Together in a Small Mediterranean Garden

Creating a successful planting scheme, is based on the exactly the same principles which determine the success or otherwise of an interior home design, a sculpture, a painting or the outfit to be worn for a social event. A person who knows how to dress, should theoretically, be able to “dress” the garden well too.

Ground Covers – A Must Ground Cover Plant For a Dry Climate Garden

The ice plant can be one of the finest perennial ground covers available to gardeners. Yet it requires some care to ensure it lives up to its promise.

Espaliers – Their Particular Importance In A Dry Mediterranean Garden

The technique of growing some shrubs and even trees horizontally on a wall, started I believe in the 17th century in Europe and came to be known as the espalier method. By training juvenile branches on a wall when they are flexible, and by making sure the branches are parallel to the ground, the pushing forward of the leading bud, known as apical dominance is abolished, and the once dormant lateral buds burst into life.

Irrigation – How to Look After the Watering Needs of Your Plants in the Winter

As far as watering the garden is concerned, winter in a dry Mediterranean climate can be a perplexing time for the home gardener. So should you be watering at this time of year?

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