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With these five vases, more is definitely merrier — each contains multiple spaces for your favorite blooms and stems. There’s a shape to suit every taste, and a price to fit every budget. 

Hand picked

Figural art with a practical purpose, this mod ceramic vase serves up more than a handful of glam thanks to a shiny metallic-gold glaze finish.

Villa Vici, 4112 Magazine St., New Orleans, (504) 899-2931, villavici.com. Piedmont ceramic triple vase (7.5 inches tall), $235.

COOL VASE bud vases Eclectic home.jpg

Simply chic

These low-profile bud vases in matte black and white offer an elegant yet understated canvas for a particularly flowery imagination.

Eclectic Home, 8211 Oak St., New Orleans, (504) 866-6654, eclectichome.net. Porcelain rose-bud vases (3 inches tall), $215 for the set of two.

COOL VASE 6 pipe flower vase dunn and sonnier.jpg

Long stems only

Standing over 18 inches tall, this impressive vessel has six separate compartments, giving you plenty of room to take your flower arranging skills to the next level.

Dunn and Sonnier, 3433 Magazine St., New Orleans, (504) 524-3235, dunnandsonnier.com. High-fire porcelain six-pipe flower vase (18.5 inches tall), $385.

COOL VASE two bulb vase.jpg

Clear growth

Grounded by a wood base and elevated by an iron stand, these two bulb-shaped glass vessels are perfect for cut flowers or hydroponic starter plants.

Amazon, amazon.com. Borosilicate glass planter bulb vase set (11 inches tall), $16.19.

COOL VASE chive bud vase.jpg

Clever cluster

A centerpiece just waiting to happen, this bud vase cluster has eight tubes and comes in 14 color combinations.

Chive, chive.com. Pooley glazed ceramic bud vases (4.5 inches tall), $34.95.

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