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A Flower Garden in Accordance With the Rules

In spite of the landscape boom we are experiencing nowadays flower gardens are nothing but a small part of landscape gardening. People do plant flowers in the gardens but often do it without any system or proper organization. Many know such notions as bed, arabesque and border bed but few use their knowledge to make their gardens look better.

How to Plant Blueberries

Knowing how to plant blueberries has many advantages. You can enjoy the wonders of this tasty fruit at anytime you want and also add several different flavors to various meals and pancakes. Growing blueberries is in itself a very simple process.

Decorative Accessories in the Garden

Garden figures are in great demand nowadays. Even stiff and reserved Englishmen and Germans decorate their gardens with them.

Orchid Information You Should Know About

Do you love growing orchids? Do you feel that you are well equipped with orchid information? Let me share with you a few facts on orchids so that you will be more knowledgeable on this colorful plant.

Why Kitting Out Your Garden Needn’t Cost the Earth

While tackling a garden from scratch can be daunting, there are steps you can take to transform a relatively ordinary looking space into something altogether more stunning. And, importantly, such steps needn’t leave a big dent in your wallet as garden equipment is available to suit all budgets. Here are a few simple ideas for brightening up your garden…

Learn to Water Orchids the Right Way in 5 Easy Steps

Almost every beginner orchid grower normally confronts the issue of watering: how often do I water, and how much? As watering is critical to insuring your orchids survival, these are significant concerns.

Five Very Informative Rose Gardening Books

Buying some good rose gardening books is the first step to starting your own rose garden. There are several printed and e-books on rose gardening.

Herb Garden Shrubs

Do you have the fondness for planting? Do you have that so-called ‘green thumb’? If so, then, why not plant herbs? Aside from its usefulness, it also has so many uses in quiet a number of ways. And to be able for us to understand and know more things about herbs, it’s a good idea to research or ask some latest information from herb growers and as well as enthusiast.

5 Vegetables That Do Well in Direct Sun

Having a successful vegetable garden requires that you meet the requirements of each of your plants. You can change the quality of the soil and provide the right amount of water. What you cannot do is change the amount of sun that your plants are getting.

Essential Facts on Orchid Lights in Regard to Species

Although it is an accepted fact that orchids can be temperamental and somewhat finicky, understanding the basic requirements of the type of orchid that you are growing, can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to the successful propagation of these truly beautiful plants. Growing orchids is not rocket science, they are no different to any other species of plant when it comes to their fundamental requirements.

Four Essential Steps For Fertilizing Orchids

Fertilizing any potted plant is important, but orchids take special care and special fertilizer. Learn what not do when fertilizing your orchids and prevent their untimely deaths.

Gardens of Inspiration

How do you find your inspiration? I have an idea. Read on and follow my instructions. Smile and be happy.

2 Most Common Plant Problems Revealed

1. Insufficient lighting or leggy development, the plant grows slowly or not at all and planted in a shady spot. It may have been a sunny spot when planted originally, but now, with other plant material matured, the plant is no longer getting sufficient sunlight to develop normally. Development is weak and leggy, and flowering is poor or non-existent.

5 Vegetables That Do Well in Less Sun

Not all gardens provide the full sun recommended for vegetable gardening. These 5 vegetables do well with less sun than the recommended 6-8 hours. If your garden has some slightly shaded areas consider these shade tolerant plants.

Advantages of a Clay Pot Over a Plastic Plant Pot

Buying a plant pot is not a simple decision as many of us would like to think of it. With many stylish and quality pots available, making the wrong decision is a possibility. You can find clay pots, plastic pots, glass pots, ceramic pots and many others.

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