2022 Pottery Has Arrived at the Garden Center

Banking With Grow Your Own

Once considered by commentators as a passing craze, the enormous growth in ‘grow your own’ (GYO) fruit and vegetables is a modern day phenomenon. The reasons behind the GYO success goes beyond the search for better tasting food. So what makes GYO big business and why have so many people with little or no gardening interest been so quick to embrace this latest trend?

How to Make a Beautiful Garden

For some achieving a beautiful garden can involve considerable effort and expense, whilst for garden enthusiasts, it might be all about 90% perspiration and perhaps 10% inspiration. Whichever approach you prefer, the success factors are most likely to be largely influenced by the methodology of the research, design and implementation stages. In addition to adopting a common sense approach to the project implementation, all garden projects, no matter how large or small will benefit from the following advice and result in a beautiful garden.

What Does the Future Hold For Hydroponic Gardening?

In modern history, hydroponics has only been around since about the 1930s. It is a relatively new technology, and has grown rapidly since its inception 70 years ago. It began first as an academic exercise and soon grew to be embraced by industry and government.

Exotic Bonsai Choices

Bonsai gardening can be a wonderful hobby that many people can enjoy. Cultivating exotic bonsai can expand your bonsai gardening skills and enhance your bonsai collection. This article discusses some exotic bonsai options you may want to consider.

Discover the Best Orchids For Beginners

Are you a beginner orchid enthusiast? Well, if you are then this article is a must read. You will learn how to choose an orchid, pot an orchid, and how to water your orchids. Get the latest tips on how to choose your types of orchids and how to keep your plants thriving for many years to come.

A Planting Plan of Exhilarating Colour

The steps for creating stunning long lasting colourful displays involve some simple planning. If you start with a good plan, it is possible without much effort, to fill your garden with exciting and riotous colour from spring right through until the year’s end.

Upside Down Garden

An upside down garden is not only a great idea but it works wonders too. Now you don’t need to be an expert in growing a garden, neither will you need to do a lot of hard work to get a decorative and great looking garden.

Strawberry Care – Actions in Fall Determine Success in Spring

Contrary to popular belief the key to an abundant strawberry harvest lies in Autumn after the last pick. It’s possible to in some cases almost double the amount of fruits by adhering to some easy to follow guidelines.

Become Sustainable With Organic Foods Homegrown With Easy Portable Container Gardening

Becoming food sustainable with homegrown organic vegetables doesn’t require large landscapes and numerous hours over the weekend laboring any more. Growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers can all be done conveniently and efficiently with portable container gardening.

3 of the Worst Container Gardening Mistakes You Could Make

Everything that you’ve ever wanted to grow can be started or fully harvested in a container garden. Container gardens are ideals for all sorts of gardeners and are suitable for large spaces as well as really small spaces.

Build an Organic Vegetable Garden on Your Lawn

If you have a lawn, you probably wondered often enough why you keep up with such a useless, time-consuming and expensive piece of outdoor landscaping when you could instead have a healthy and productive organic vegetable garden. Now that even the White House is starting a garden, it could be the right time for you as well!

14 Tips to Grow Happy Sweet Pepper Plants

Just dropping in to let you know 14 tips to grow happy sweet pepper plants. Enjoy your garden!

The Best Ways For Taking Care of Orchids

Many people think taking care of orchids involves hours of work and dedication to have successful orchids. This is not true. I will discuss some of the best techniques for taking care of orchids and how you can keep your orchid garden and plants thriving for years to come.

Garden Peace – Keep Your Equipment Safe

People are spending more money on their gardens, which may explain why so many garden crimes are reported each year. And with extreme weather an increasing concern, people should check that their home insurance also covers their garden.

Self Coiling Garden Hose – A Solution to Your Garden Hose Storage Problem

A garden hose is a necessity for anyone who has a garden, plants and shrubs. There are a few things to consider when you go to purchase your new garden hose. A good quality garden hose will last for years if it is stored properly and not left in the sun for the rubber to rot. A self-coiling garden hose will eliminate the frustrations you have with the garden hose never getting put away or being piled up on the sidewalk. A 50 foot self-coiling garden hose will self-retract to a neat 36 inches so easy to use and store.

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