2022 Newest Heat Loving Plants for the Summer Garden

How To Deal With Garden Pests

Imagine how simple gardening would be if we did not have to deal with pests that attack our plants. Instead, we have to watch these little insects wreak havoc while trying everything possible to get rid of them.

What Are The Requisites For A Home Vegetable Garden?

A home vegetable garden does not have to be an ugly spot in your home surroundings. A thoughtfully planned and carefully planted vegetable garden adds a harmonious touch to your home that no shrubs or flowers can produce.

A Quick Guide To Landscape Gardening

Landscape gardening is all about finding harmony with your home and open spaces around it. Just having a single tree or a small group of trees has a completely different effect provided the tree or trees is not centered in the garden.

Steps to Cut Your Artificial Turf

Initially when installing your artificial turf, measure and marked the sections and roll the lawn on the base and cut each section. It is good to leave some extra length when you position and trim the lawn.

Natural Lawn Care – Get Your Lawn Off Drugs

Grow greener grass on your side of the fence, naturally. Easy steps to get your lawn off drugs, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. How to feed the soil and care for the grass so weeds won’t flourish and pests stay away. Organic ways to get rid of grubs, ants and other pests.

Can A Temperate Zone Gardener Learn To Grow Tangerines In His New Tropical Garden?

“Ponkan” is a general term for types of oranges. In the culture in which I am now living, it refers to what I called “tangerines” in the USA. They are smaller than regular oranges and are very easy to peel. Their sweet flesh has few seeds. This makes them quite appealing. In this culture, they are cheaper to buy around Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Aero Gardening – A Sure Way to Indoor Container Gardening Success

Choosing to integrate aero gardening as part of your interior container gardening will provide you with a quicker and easier way of getting great results. Not only will your plants provide beauty, they will also create a more healthy environment by purifying the air around them. You will also find gardening to be a relaxing and gratifying hobby.

Lawn Aeration Basics

Aerating your lawn is done to create air space in your soil. Additional air space allows for better water management and allows grass roots to take in nutrients easier, thus giving you a healthier more lush lawn.

Rockwool – Hydroponic Growing Medium

Rockwool is a very popular hydroponics growing medium. Rockwool is a porous substance that forms when a mixture of rocks, mostly basalt and dolomite, is melted at high temperature and specially processed. Given the material’s neutral nature, it is used to build plant-growing medium granules or slabs, blocks, plugs, cubes, etc.

Hydroponic Gardening – Managing Pests & Diseases

As with soil-based gardens, hydroponic plants require good pest and disease maintenance controls. Failure to do so creates the same results as with ‘ordinary’ gardens i.e.

How to Grow a Butterfly Garden

It is easy to attract beautiful butterflies to your garden. With just a little knowledge, planning and a good location, you will enjoy many hours watching butterflies fluttering in your yard.

How To Take Care Of Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are wonderful marvels of patience and care combined with the awesome beauty of nature. They do take more time and effort than your ordinary house plant though. The most important facets of caring for your bonsai tree are watering, pruning, and repotting. This article will help you understand the basics of how to properly work with your new tree.

Growing Roses In Dry Climates – Preconditions For Success

There are a number of aspects to success with roses such as designing correctly, and pruning professionally. It’s important as well, to know their basic growing requirements.

Ground Cover Plants – A Wonderful Combination For Small Spaces

While ground cover plants are used in a variety of situations, not all types are suitable for every location. Here are some plants that are excellent for small, intimate spaces.

Why Drip Irrigation Is The Best Way Of Watering Your Garden Plants

While automatic sprinkler systems are the most effective way of watering a lawn, drip irrigation, some drawbacks notwithstanding, is the preferred method for the rest of the garden plants. The essential difference between the two is that sprinklers throw water indiscriminately over the area they cover, as opposed to drippers that emit water in designated spots. Judging by the fact that sprinklers are still widely used for watering flowerbeds, trees and shrubs, it seems that the advantages of drip irrigation are not sufficiently clear to many gardeners.

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