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Gardening in Colorado can be difficult. Not only do we have to contend with erratic temperature, but we have plentiful wildlife eating our plants.

Some of the far more troublesome critters are people that burrow underground. They may possibly eat the overall root system of a plant or strip the bark off a tree. To launch a plan to management them, you need to very first determine the offender. The two major kinds of compact burrowing animals that probably induce damage are voles and pocket gophers.


Voles are tiny, mouselike animals. Their favourite food items resources consist of turfgrass and the stems and bark of shrubs and trees. They will also try to eat greens and some perennials. Most injury occurs in the winter, when they move by way of their grass runways underneath the protection of snow.

They can destroy trees by fully girdling trunks. Their burrows are shallow and have a smaller entry gap that is open with a unique runway primary in and out.

Control procedures incorporate habitat modification, exclusion, repellents and trapping. Damage to lawns can be diminished by shut mowing in the slide and eliminating tall grassy go over close to lawns. To protect trees, encircle trunk with quarter-inch mesh hardware fabric or 3-inch diameter plastic-mesh cylinders as superior as anticipated snow level and 3 to 6 inches under the floor.

Repellents are comparatively highly-priced and present only small-phrase protection. Trapping can be incredibly productive at taking away tiny populations. Use mouse snap traps positioned perpendicular to runways with the set off finish in the runway. You can shoot voles if there is no legislation in opposition to capturing where by you reside.

Poisoning is not allowed devoid of a commercial applicator’s license since voles may die earlier mentioned floor and pose a risk to scavenger birds, wildlife and pets.

Pocket gophers

Pocket gophers not often look earlier mentioned ground, investing most of their lives in burrows. The most important symptoms of destruction include mounds of soil with no apparent entry hole, eskers (good tubes of soil) higher than ground when the snow melts in the spring, and abruptly wilting or dying plants due to root damage.

Control methods incorporate exclusion, trapping and rodenticides. To exclude them from ornamental and vegetable beds, line beds with quarter-inch components fabric. Dig out mattress to a depth that will accommodate the roots, line with cloth, deliver cloth to the surface together the perimeter of bed, and refill. Surround place with a 1-foot-substantial fence.

Traps are powerful at decreasing populations if made use of thoroughly. The traps should be place inside of the tunnel. Be guaranteed to observe recommendations on label. Working with rodenticides (zinc phosphide, diphacinone (Eaton’s Reply), or strychnine) can also minimize populations however, you will by no means be ready to reduce all pocket gophers. Strychnine involves a commercial applicators license. Often study the label and stick to suggestions to lessen poisoning of pets and wildlife.

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