10 Best Kits To Grow Your Own Herbs

There’s something so satisfying about being able to grow your food. Unfortunately, not everyone has a backyard and good weather for growing plants. If that’s the case for you, consider getting one of these grow kits.

Since they’ve steadily been gaining in popularity, the technology of these grow kits has become quite impressive. A water circulation system, powerful LED lights that cycle on and off, and different color lights for different plants have become standard on many models.

Check out this list below to find out which model is best for you!

1. EZORKAS 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

EZORKAS 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

EZORKAS 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit/Amazon.com

The LED grow light is adjustable in height, and it changes colors to accommodate different types of herbs and different stages of their growth. EZORKAS 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit also features a quiet automatic system that circulates water. It costs $69.99.

Katharine says, “This thing is awesome!!! It was pretty easy to assemble and I couldn’t wait to get some seeds in it. I’ve had it going for about 3-4 days now and my seeds are already sprouting! It works! I wasn’t sure if it would because I’ve never used a growing system like this before. I decided to plant a variety of things to see what works best – basil, cilantro, chives, tomatoes, lettuce, and sweet peppers. Since most of the seeds starting sprouting in only a few days, I’d say this is definitely worth it! It’s very low maintenance and I’m really happy with this purchase.”

2. AeroGarden Bounty Basic

81EAo09MUlL. AC SL1500

AeroGarden Bounty Basic/Amazon.com

This kit will allow you to grow nine varieties of plants at a time, much faster than it would take to grow them outside. AeroGarden Bounty Basic also includes a timer for the lights and a vacation mode to keep your plants fresh and growing even when you’re traveling! It costs $267.67.

Chris Decleene says, “I just started using my aero garden and all of my herbs have sprouted already! It was very easy to setup and program and you can fit it to lift up on your schedule which I love. The water filtering noise is also very calming before bed. I put in 4 herbs so far but I hope to be able to do some veggies and greens this winter. Perfect for someone without a green thumb!!

3. AeroGarden Black Sprout (2020 Model)

81u5OP30SHL. AC SL1500

AeroGarden Black Sprout (2020 Model)/Amazon.com

This AeroGarden model has a contemporary, compact design and can grow three plants at once. It features reminders to let you know when you need to add nutrients and includes three varieties of seeds. AeroGarden Black Sprout (2020 Model) costs $69.95.

DP says, “This is a great item I love that it’s so sleek and well designed and made with the miracle grow Aerogarden quality I am used to in the bigger model. It’s also very affordable comparatively and everything grows so well in it. It’s really easy to set up and use in minutes. It would be an awesome gift too.”

4. Luxbird Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

81edzOzUYpL. AC SL1500

Luxbird Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit/Amazon.com

Grow up to 12 pods at a time on this tiny farm you can fit on your countertop. The water tank supports three liters, and it comes with two different types of nutrients. This Luxbird Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit costs $77.99.

Shayni Brown says, “This hydroponic system runs super quietly. The led is really bright at 36w. You can’t beat the price of the unit. The pump circulation is amazing all the water gets stirred around and doesn’t go stagnant.”

5. LYKO Indoor Garden

91E0gWZWSQL. AC SL1500

LYKO Indoor Garden/Amazon.com

A relatively large 3.5L watering tank and quiet, no-fan design ensure a peaceful and hassle-free operation. Powerful LED lights automatically cycle on and off to keep your plants growing efficiently. This LYKO Indoor Garden costs $78.99.

Morgan says, “Sooo worth it so far! Super easy to set up and get growing. In just under 4 days, I have 4 pods sprouting beautifully! I would most definitely recommend this to anyone who loves fresh herbs or just enjoys growing indoors. Definitely giftable and so easy to use! I’m in love!”

6. iDOO 12Pods Hydroponics Growing System

71iT OCtOVL. AC SL1500

iDOO 12Pods Hydroponics Growing System/Amazon.com

A massive 4.5L tank allows you to sit back and watch your plants grow, plus there’s a window so you can see how much water is left. It also comes in red and white, and the LED light emits different colors for different plants. iDOO 12Pods Hydroponics Growing System costs $79.99.

Amazon customer says, “I’m new to hydroponics, so simplicity is important to me until I gain more experience. The Idoo system is a snap to set up. It has a light system similar to others I’ve looked at, but as an added feature there is a small fan. This fan is missing on most other systems I’ve looked at and is considered by expert growers as essential for healthy plants. Thus far, I’ve had success germinating tomatoes and lettuce without any problem. This system seems ideal for someone like me.”

7. MaisoNovo Regrow Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

91Y4R81FNdL. AC SL1500

MaisoNovo Regrow Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit/Amazon.com

Choose from a set of two or a set of four ceramic pods for your herbs. Beautiful bamboo lids and a grow guide are included with this product, which is made in the USA. This kit is great for beginners and is cost-efficient. MaisoNovo Regrow Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit costs $37.50 for a set of four pods.

Emma says, “10/10 would recommend for someone want to plant some greens such as parsley, cilantro, and scallion. Both the size and the bamboo lid are perfect to decorate kitchen as well. This is super giftable with the cute box it comes in, good idea for the secret gift exchange, etc.”

8. Amazing Creation Self-Watering Herb Garden

91mHWkVRD+L. AC SL1500

Amazing Creation Self-Watering Herb Garden/Amazon.com

Fit this stylish, rectangular planter right on your windowsill. The water compartment is large enough so that you don’t have to refill it every day, and it includes a gauge to keep track of how much water is left. This Amazing Creation Self-Watering Herb Garden costs $27.99.

V. Dawson says, “This is both practical and attractive. We transferred little seedlings from pots a couple of weeks ago and they are growing nicely. It is well designed and easy to use right out of the box. I cannot think of any container that would be easier to use or more perfect for an indoor herb garden. Very pleased with this purchase.”

9. iDOO 6Pods Hydroponics Growing System

71Fw+0YoTYL. AC SL1500

iDOO 6Pods Hydroponics Growing System/Amazon.com

The second iDOO model on our list is smaller and less expensive but still has plenty of features. With this iDOO 6Pods Hydroponics Growing System you can choose between growing your plants in soil or water. If it’s the former, the water tank can be detached and used for storage! It costs $49.99.

Emily says, “Great little hydroponic system for the price. Feels sturdy and made with high grade plastics. Can’t wait to have homegrown herbs in the middle of this northeastern winter. It was a present for my grandmother, and she loves it.”

10. FAFAGRASS Hydroponics Growing System

FAFAGRASS Hydroponics Growing System/Amazon.com

This tiny model has a powerful water pump and an energy-saving 9-watt LED light. It’s simple to use, as only one button is required for operation, and you can harvest up to 4 plants. The height of the light can also be adjusted for your convenience. This FAFAGRASS Hydroponics Growing System costs $78.99.

Raging Stallion says, “This herb growing system is exactly what I was looking for. Most herb systems are big and bulky- I just wanted something that looks nice while still being compact enough to fit on top of my kitchen counter, and this is it! About the same size as a coffee pot, it doesn’t take up too much space. The instruction manual was a little intense and overwhelming, but other than that, this seems to be a great product, and I’m looking forward to having fresh herbs in my kitchen all year!”

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