1 potato, 2 potatoes: Gardening ideas from an English retiree

“If you did not increase it, you didn’t consume,” states Gerald Stratford, describing his childhood in the backyard garden, prior to the arrival of supermarkets. Some several years afterwards, just after retirement, Stratford became bored with fishing and was encouraged by a buddy to tweet about his joyous return to gardening. Applying the similar methods he applied when fishing, he began to mature huge greens.

“To capture a huge fish, you’ve acquired to recognize how it works, how it life, what it feeds on,” he explains.

He frequented the library to study how vegetable varieties mature and what vitamins, gentle, and warmth they required. 

“To expand a little something big, you have to off start off with the accurate seed,” Stratford states.

His biggest success has been a 100-pound zucchini, which he employed to make pickles, chutneys, and beverages. Stratford recommends new gardeners start out with radish seeds that will just take 21 days to grow, and potatoes which only involve a gallon jug. 

Stratford’s book of gardening how to’s is “Massive Veg.”

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Gerald Stratford has gardened his whole life, but rising a Twitter viewers resulted in his guide, “Big Veg.” Photo courtesy of Headline Publishing Team.

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