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Gardening Gifts – Great Gifts for Keen Gardeners

You are stuck! You are looking for gardening gifts for a gardener but you know they already have a garden full of plants, and a shed full of tools, so what would they really appreciate? We are keen gardeners ourselves and we have racked our brains and come up with these ten gardening gifts (all available from UK websites) which we would love to receive ourselves.

Flowers In Denver And Around The World

Around the holidays there is nothing that cheers up your home like a beautiful centerpiece. The smell of flowers makes your house more welcoming. It also is guaranteed to improve your mood. Flowers are extremely relaxing and uplifting.

Fall Leaves and What to Do With Them

For years people thought I was just lazy but all I ever did with the fall leaves was just leave them right where they fell. Well, I am lazy. But leaving the leaves has nothing to do with that.

Climbing Plants – Which Type is Best to Grow on a Wire Fence?

In small gardens where space is at a premium, and when there is a need to cover a not too pretty sight, like a wire or chain link fence, before running off to the garden center to choose a particular species, it would be worthwhile considering first, the growth habits of different plant types. One example of a growth habit would be that of a large shrub grown as an informal screen. In the case mentioned above, a plant in this category would be unsuitable because it would take up too much space.

Tree Pruning – What You Should Not Be Doing at This Time

The question is sometimes asked whether pruning is good for trees. It may just as well be asked if surgery is good for people. Most people would presumably answer the latter question in the negative.

Planting Rye Grass For Easy Green Winter Lawns

For many locations, the end of autumn and the approach of winter is time to start thinking about planting rye grass. Rye grass, which comes in both annual and perennial types, provides a beautiful green turf that grows quickly and can be lively when ordinary grasses are dormant for the winter. It also is one of the earliest spring grasses and is also used for temporary ground covers or to augment other grasses.

Garden Perennials Provide a Riot of Color

Garden perennials are popular with many gardeners, though there is a danger that the new gardener will over-plant them as they wait for those already planted to mature. The secret with perennials is patience, and if you want something to add color to your garden while you wait, then plant some annuals for the first year until the perennials really show their true colors.

Organic Rose Fertilizer – 2 “Magic” Ingredients You Should Include!

Many years ago, a friend of my grandmothers gave me some advice concerning the planting of rose bushes. Her advice concluded with a simple post-script, “…and don’t forget to put a banana peel and a used tea-bag in the hole before you place the bush!” The banana peel was obviously organic material high in potassium, but the tea-bag?

Container Gardening – The Essentials of Growing Plants Indoors

Although the art of indoor gardening is not dry climate specific, the subject is particularly relevant to us arid country gardeners, as there’s often greater scope for “going to town” in doors, than out. Growing plants indoors requires adopting a number of techniques which are different from those the home gardener may be used to when working in the outdoor garden, although there are things in common between the two. So here are some general points on the subject.

The Mediterranean Winter Garden – What Has to Be Done

Essential late autumn gardening tasks in a mild winter climate. The late autumn and early winter is a time of year when the gardener may be inclined to rest somewhat, believing that the garden tasks have largely been completed and that there is not too much to do until preparations for spring commence.

The Essence of Flowers

Even today people turn to flowers when unable to express their deepest emotions. A gift of flowers is greatly appreciated not just for its beauty but because it has the power to lift one’s spirits.

Want To Grow Herbs? Gardening Tips For Herbs Growing

Herbs have been grown for numerous years, for a variety of reasons and there are hundreds of different varieties of herbs. Gardening by monks and nuns in medieval times, always included a number of herbs.

Gardening in Hanging Baskets

The delights of growing herbs and veggies, in hanging baskets. Making Gardening easy growing in the air. Saving water and the environment using recycled products.

How To Grow Orchids

You could be questioning yourself often how to grow orchids, so let me give you some of advice. For one thing, orchids are attention seekers and will happily grow into a nice, healthy orchid so long as you let them bask in enough sunlight. Just make sure to do this because sooner or later it WILL bloom – beautifully!

The Symbolism of Favorite Garden Flowers

Flowers have been associated with symbolism for thousands of years. Flowers are a significant part of our lives from birth to death. Read about the fascinating meaning behind the names and history of popular garden flowers.

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