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Gardening Tips – Basic Garden Care To Ensure Healthy Roses

Many of us think of a beautiful garden as an almost unattainable goal, and certainly, a rose garden seems even more intimidating. Rose gardening has earned a reputation as being very difficult, a task only the most ambitious gardener with plenty of time on her hands would undertake. In reality, however, rose gardening just takes a little planning, a bit of maintenance and some patience.

Rose Gardening Tips – Starting a Rose Garden From Seed to Flower

While the most common way to begin your rose garden is certainly with plants that are about two years old and are already well on their way to flowering, it is also very possible to start a rose garden from seed. Growing roses from seed has become especially popular for cultivating heirloom or antique variety roses. It is even possible to create your own hybrids if you have the interest, time and patience to do so.

Heirloom Roses Overview – What Are Antique Roses?

Centuries ago, William Shakespeare’s Juliet said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Perhaps the saying is not as true as we would think.

Rose Gardening Beginners Guide – What Is It All About?

Although roses have a reputation of being difficult to grow and keep, rose gardening is actually very simple and rewarding. With careful planning and good maintenance, you can enjoy a beautiful blooming garden that your friends and neighbors will admire.

Rose Gardening Advice – Protecting Your Roses From Pests

You’ve put a lot of hard work into your rose garden: preparing the soil, selecting your roses and planting them. Now, you will want to keep those roses safe and protected from pests and diseases. While rose gardening may seem daunting, you can follow just a few simple steps to keep your plants healthy and blooming all season long.

Rose Gardening Tips – Common Reasons Why Roses Get Damaged

Contrary to popular opinion, rose gardens are relatively simple to start and maintain. Rose plants are hardy perennials, many of them surviving with little or no human intervention, growing wild. Getting your garden off to a good start may be the best way to stave off the dangers that could damage your plants in the long run.

Organic Rose Gardening – What Is It

The term organic seems to be everywhere these days, from the vegetables in the produce aisle to the cereal we eat in the morning. There are many definitions and ideas about what truly makes something organic, but in rose gardening and gardening in general it’s pretty simple. Organic gardening is rooted in the concept of feeding the soil and strengthening your plants naturally so that the plants will flourish without the need for chemical fertilizer or pesticides.

Gardening and Health Benefits

Gardening is a popular hobby for many but for some the many health benefits can prove to be crucial for their wellbeing. This article looks at some of the obvious, and not so obvious, health benefits. It also offers advice for those who may be ill or physically impaired.

Pruning – The 3 Main Principles Behind Pruning Trees And Shrubs Without Causing Damage

Damage caused to trees and shrubs from pruning can often be fatal. Here are some guidelines for pruning that takes the future health of the plant into account.

Uniquely Designed Backyard Paradise

What separates your backyard paradise from the remaining houses on the block? Whether you’ve just recently purchased a home, or have lived in a neighborhood for such a long time you’d just like to spice it up a little, you’ve come to the right spot! We’ll help you to decide on fun garden and landscape ideas that surely get your mind turning and put a new twist on your backyard!

What Do I Need To Consider When Selecting And Installing A Waterfall?

Despite the reflective tranquility of a still feature, for most people it is the sight and sound of moving water that really appeals, and there is nothing more striking than water cascading down a waterfall or running along a stream. Just as with pools, falls can come in many guises – formal or informal, straight or meandering, turbulent or trickling, falling steeply or almost level.

How to Plant a Pool

Planting is probably the most important part in establishing your pool and it is often the most neglected. A pool cannot be successful without a full complement of aquatic plants, an under planted pool will usually remain green or cloudy unless you invest in a biological filtration with an ultra violet clarifier, without which, makes it difficult to see your fish except when they are near to the surface.

Winter Gardening – Planning a Greenhouse

The first greenhouse I saw was one my mother made from an old window. She dug a hole in the ground with her garden spade. It was maybe six inches deep. She put tomato seedlings in soup cans into the hole and then laid a great big old window over the hole. The seedlings were safe from predators and winds and sudden cold. The sun warmed the plants through the window and they thrived.

Fine Tuning Indoor Gardening

If you decide to get into indoor gardening, you not only need light and water in the appropriate amount for each plant, you have to consider food and humidity. With central heating, indoor air can be quite dry. Also, with the sun coming through the window, there is more intense heat than there would be outside where the wind and breezes temper the heat.

Indoor Gardening – It’s All About Light and Water

Plants are more than plants – they are landscaping elements. If you bring them indoors, they are decorating elements. They bring as much or more to a home as furniture and soft furnishings do. Actually they bring more. As well as beauty, they bring health benefits. Basic science explains that that plants clean the air around us by using the carbon dioxide and producing more oxygen.

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