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Composting A Natural Life Cycle

In the soft, warm bosom of a decaying compost heap, a transformation from life to death and back again is taking place. Life is leaving the living plants of yesterday, but in their death these leaves and stalks pass on their vitality to the coming generations of future seasons. Here in a dank and moldy pile the wheel of life is turning.

4 Easy Steps to General Maintenance of Organic Plants

General maintenance of organic plants could be considered an art and at the same time an exact science. Organic horticulture or the cultivation of plants follows strict guidelines and procedures. But it also involves creativity on the part of the gardener in devising indigenous ways to create a chemical free garden.

Gardens Are a Magical Part of Family Life!

Gardens are a magical part of family life. Some outdoor space, however limited, is a real bonus when you have children. A space to run around in, play with a ball and learn to dig, water and nurture plants is really beneficial to kids growing up.

School Gardens – How To Involve Children In Setting Up The Garden

Working with children to set up a garden in their school is always a challenging project. From my experience of teaching horticulture to schoolchildren in Israel, the most critical factor behind a project’s success is the extent to which they are involved mentally in all the various tasks that they will be performing. The first important step is to hold a class, preferably a series of them, to explain the significance of each act and stage in the process.

Fertilizing Lawn Care

Get the best advice on the how’s and whens of fertilizing your lawn. Getting this right will give your lawn a big helping hand, and it’s easy once you know how.

Lawn Care Help

Here’s some quick and easy tips and advice for what to do with the common bare patch in the lawn. You can save heaps of money looking after you own yard.

Lawn Care DIY

Do-it-yourself lawn care is easier than you think if you follow a few rules. Here’s the first few things you should know.

Gardening Techniques – Sow Your Seeds Right

Spring is the time of year when all garden magazines are full of the plans you should be making for the season to come, but very rarely do they cover one of the most basic of gardening techniques. Sowing seeds properly is crucial if you want to ensure a good crop of flowers and vegetables in your garden. We all love to take that small flat packet of seeds and take joy in the vision of what it will produce, but like everything, a good foundation is required to ensure a good crop.

Considering Organic Gardening?

Concerned about the pesticides in your fruits and vegetables? Have you thought about growing your own organic food?

How To Care For Orchids

Don’t know how to care for orchids? Follow the advice in this caring for orchids article and you could soon be the proud owner of a healthy and thriving orchid.

Organic Food Is A Critical Decision

Food is the basic thing that consumed by the people. We get from it essential materials, such as: carbohydrates, proteins, minerals. The food is existential need but the question is what we put into our body and what don’t?

Learn How to Care for a Container Garden

Now that you have planted your flowers, foliage, or vegetables in their containers, you need to know how to care for them. Just like your outside garden, container gardens require nurturing to keep the plants productive and healthy.

Northwest Gardening is a Sport

We do all kinds of exercise for planting and pulling weeds. The squats, knee bends, the ‘got to get that weed…can’t step on the flowers…please don’t let me fall’ stretches, and the ‘I can get it all in one load’ wheel barrel exercise!

Interesting Facts About Plants

Houseplants are a beautiful addition to any home decor. They add color, they’re great for filling in empty spaces and they bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. But did you realize that they fight pollution indoors?

School Gardens – As Much About Education As Gardening

There are no doubt a number of good and perhaps obvious reasons for creating and developing gardens in school grounds, such as the need for shade trees in the playground, shrubs and bushes to screen the street outside, and a nice clean lawn as opposed to mud and dirt. Irrespective of these however, the garden, or the processes connected with it, should be seen as having educational potential, in the fullest and deepest meaning of the word. Growing fruit vegetables and herbs The best reason for raising plants for food is not to…

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