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Seedlings – A Great Way to Start Your Garden in Spring

Seedlings are a Cost Effective and Exciting Way to Plant your Garden. Do you have the desire to add new and interesting plants to your garden this year? Or perhaps it has been a long winter and you are eagerly awaiting that first seedling to poke through the frosty earth! The perfect way for gardeners to get started during the winter, is by planting seeds. In a few short weeks you will have seedlings begin to emerge, which is always exciting

Landscape Trees – 4 Excellent Species For A Private Mediterranean Climate Garden

While it is tempting to be carried away by the spectacular flowers of a particular tree, remember that the blooms are invariably short-lived. Instead, it is advisable to choose a tree primarily for its landscaping properties.

Getting Children Interested in Growing Vegetables

What is the best way of getting your children interested in growing vegetables? Well in my view you need to give them their own space. Tell them this plot is yours.

Garden Candles – Light Up Your Garden With Outdoor Candles

Imagine a warm summer evening, a glass of wine, a meal on the way, even maybe a barbeque. Now comes the decision, eat indoors or if you are lucky enough to have a patio, outside on the patio table. The trouble is the light is fading, what you need is outdoor lighting. But what?

Fun With Growing Tomatoes In Containers

If you don’t have the space or patience to do outside gardening but would love to have home grown tomatoes, here’s some good news. You can raise tomatoes in containers right in your own home.

Animal Pests in the Garden

Learn how to rid your vegetable garden of common animal pests and find prevention measures you can take to produce a more bountiful garden crop. Features tips for preventing dogs, cats, deer, raccoons and more from invading your garden beds.

School Gardening – How Horticultural Work Can Bolster A Young Person’s Self-Esteem

Many social ills among young people can be traced to the unrelenting power of peer-group pressure and low self esteem. Can gardening projects in schools go some way in resisting these twin evils?

Why Do Gardeners Have Happier, Healthier & Longer Lives?

Gardeners do regular exercise. They get out and get close to Oxygen producing plants. Gardeners come into contact with bacteria so build up their immune system.

There Is Enough Basis To Feel Optimistic Regarding Hydroponics

When you consider hydroponics, you will certainly feel optimistic about the future of crop and plant growing as it augurs well for the future because we need some adequate means to maintain growth of plant life on earth in spite of the shortage of space. With the continuing rapid depletion of land, it is indeed heartening to know that there are alternatives available that are helping in removing our concerns as we consider life with less land area available for growing plants and foods.

One-Stop Shopping for All Your Gardening Needs

This is an informative piece about what you can find at a good garden center and the advantages of being able to get all of your gardening needs taken care of at one place. You will learn something new about what is available at these stores.

Lawn Care – How To Save Your Lawn Against Army Worm, Sod Web Worm And Other Lawn Pests

Can You Hear The Drum Beats Of The Army Worms? They are on their way to a lawn near you, or maybe even feasting on your lawn. So, what do you do when they arrive? The first sign of armyworms is the apparent damage they do to your lawn. In effect they eat the leaf of your lawn to the stem – that is, these army worms, and for that matter, sod web worms (another lawn foraging caterpillar), feed on the lawn and the damage caused is similar to a badly cut lawn. Overall, it would appear your lawn has been badly scalped. The trick in reviving your lawn is to act quickly. Two (2) critical steps need to be implemented, that is, to arrest the offending army worms with a safe and effective control and then to quickly fertilise the damaged areas. All the above needs to be done as soon as possible as the army worms wreak their havoc in the early Autumn period as the days become a little cooler. By acting quickly with the fertiliser, we hope to have some remaining warm weather to allow the turf to recover to its prior glory.

Understanding Your Garden’s Environmental Factors

Your garden plants will flourish when given the right conditions. Some plants will only thrive in a hot, sunny area while others may need a cool, moist and shady area. You need to choose a garden spot that is best suited to the plants’ you plan to grow.

Is Organic Gardening Possible in Modern Times?

The term, organic, when used in gardening, means finding environmentally friendly ways to work the land and working with, rather than against, nature. Organic gardening isn’t always applied to only gardening, but can be considered a way of life.

Taking Proper Care of Your Ground Orchids

Learn the techniques to proper care for ground orchids. Everything that will help you grow glorious orchids in your home year round.

The Absolute Best Thing For Your Garden – Could It Be Worm Castings And Earthworms?

What besides chemical fertilizer can be used? What will add twice the nutrients to your garden? What will improve the growth of vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and lawns?

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